EMBRACER  (interconnecting MoBility acRoss europeAn CitiEs and subuRbs) is a region-driven project where seven underserved regions have committed to integrate public transport (PT) with informal modes (cycling, ride-hailing, car/bike/scooter sharing, on-demand transport, autonomous shuttles) to enhance the interconnection with urban areas and achieve seamless intelligent climate-resilient regional and local intermodal mobility.

Irish partners of the EMBRACER project, The Cork Environmental Forum and associate partner Cork City Council are collaborating and working with regional stakeholders in  the Transport and Mobility Forum.

EMBRACER Project Diagram

The objective of EMBRACER is to transition toward seamless intermodal mobility to motivate people to choose sustainable forms of travelling; moreover, underserved communities in peripheral and rural areas face a diverse range of mobility challenges; limitations in digital connectivity, transport infrastructure and services can in fact have significant social and economic consequences for communities in terms of reducing travel horizons and hindering access to opportunities such as employment, education and social activities.

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