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Cork Songs

Lord Mayor Cllr. Dara Murphy Welcome to Cork Songs, a section of the Cork City Council's website aimed at rekindling the pride and history of songs that celebrate Cork’s unique musical heritage.

The promotion of the music and song that celebrate the history, tradition and culture of Cork is a central theme of the Schools Visits 2009. It is my strong belief that every child in Cork should learn the words of Cork’s main anthems – to this end a card with the words of Beautiful City and The Banks is being given to every pupil.

We have a rich musical heritage and one which in the modern age can be forgotten. It is my hope that this Web-page will include some of the songs of past generations we all knew as children but have perhaps fallen into misuse, building to a comprehensive repository of Cork songs. In this way, the Web-page can help young and old alike to reconnect with our rich heritage.

Cllr. Dara Murphy,
Lord Mayor,
September 2009.

Launch of the Lord Mayor’s School Visits “Traditional Cork Songs” Initiative 

Jimmy Crowley, considered by many the best exponent of the written word about Cork in song, was present at the invitation of the Lord Mayor Cllr. Dara Murphy for the Official Launch of the Lord Mayor’s School Visits “Traditional Cork Songs” Initiative. 

At the launch Jimmy imparted

“The Lord Mayor and Cork City Council are to be commended for this initiative. It is important that the musical heritage of our Dear Old City is valued and cherished and it is right that the City should take a lead in this. And it’s great that this message is being brought to our young scholars in the weeks leading up to the All-Ireland.

History was written by the winners – the ballads were written by the losers. When our Rebel Warriors win over our traditional Kerry foe, Cork kids will sing out loud The Banks, and Beautiful City with pride – our neighbours can take to the mountains to practice their Ballad-writing.”