Science with Una

Do you have a primary school child at home?  Are you searching for activities to educate and entertain? Help is at Hand!  Una Leader is Cork City Council’s Science Education Officer based at Lifetime Lab @ the Old Cork Waterworks.  Una has devised a series of activities suitable for primary school children to do at home – one new activity will be available each week.  These are fun educational activities that use everyday household materials. 

Simply watch the weekly video and follow the instructions– have fun!!!

Science with Una - Strange Sounds. Can sound travel through string ?
Science with Una - Water Flowers. Create beautiful blooming paper flowers.
Science with Una - Candle Extinguisher. Make your own CO2 Fire Extinguisher with bread soda and vinegar. 
Science with Una - Anyone for Slime ? Make simple slime with cornflour, water and food colouring. 
Science with Una - Diving Bell. Send your LEGO figure on a journey underwater without getting wet.
Science with Una - Rainbow On A Plate. Create your own rainbow on a plate using Skittles sweets and water.
Science with Una - Amazing Arrows.  Can you always believe your eyes? Discover how ‘refraction’ through water can surprise and amaze.
Science with Una - Dancing Ghosts.  Explore the power of static electricity by making tissue paper ghosts dance using a balloon.