Cork is home to an array of dynamic and diverse communities. This diversity of insight and experience has the potential to influence policy-making on climate change issues in the city.

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Join a host of free outdoor citizen-led walks, talks and workshops over 2022. All events are run on the last Sunday of every month and are featured on our Eventbrite page. Scroll to the end of this page to learn about past Becoming Kin activities at Tramore Valley Park.

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Have you got an idea for The KinShip Project? If you would like to host a 'Becoming Kin' event, please get in touch with us:

Any Cork city-based person, group, non-profit organization or group of friends that wants to share a special interest in Tramore Valley Park or any of the issues that the KinShip project is addressing can suggest an event. Suggested events include 1-2hr walks, talks, demos or workshops for adults in Tramore Valley Park. Themes might include nature, ecology, conservation, history, sustainability, community, archeology, folklore, foraging, recycling and repairing, wildlife, food, gardening and growing, geology, engineering, rambling, woodcraft, astronomy, composting, movement, kite flying, biodiversity, flora and fauna, or anything that goes on underground, on the ground or in the air.

When getting in touch with your suggestion, please take into consideration the KinShip Manifesto which you will find here. Suggested activities will need to fulfil the following criteria:

  • Suitability of the activity to The KinShip Project 
  • Feasibility
  • Uniqueness (ie avoiding repetition in the programme schedule)
  • Availability of space on the programme

Becoming Kin News

Follow us on Eventbrite where you can also book your free place to attend the Becoming Kin activities listed below at Tramore Valley Park, most of which take place on the last Sunday of every month. 

Feb 2022

Cork Nature Network hosted a guided nature Winter Walk and Talk by John Armstrong through Tramore Valley Park in partnership with The KinShip Project. The walk highlighted the wonderful natural beauty that can be found right on our doorsteps. 

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March 2022

Cork Traveller Women's Network host a Walk and Talk on growing up in The Black Ash adjacent to Tramore Valley Park and the significance of this former campsite for the Traveller Community in Cork and around Ireland. The talk will cover the legacy of Traveller traditions including environmentally friendly re-use practices such as local trade with scrap.

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April 2022

Let's Compost! covers everything you need to know to start composting and troubleshoot some of the common problems composters have. Composting has so many benefits: for ourselves, for soil, biodiversity, climate change. Learn about food waste prevention and composting with Donal O' Leary ahead of International Compost Awareness Week (May 1st-7th). Plus, hear about local initiative C.U.S.P. (Cork Urban Soil Project). What better site for this event than Tramore Valley Park?

Donal will bring some equipment to show and describe different compost systems including: his transportable wormery and the bokashi system. The MTU Clean Technology Centre will provide materials to distribute for free including the EPA Stop Food Waste Pocket Guide and The Compost Guide.

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May 2022

Bird song has fascinated humanity for thousands of years, and still resonates with people now. Of course, birds sing for their own purposes, and, across the Northern Hemisphere, spring is the peak time to appreciate this phenomenon. If you have ever wondered why birds sing, want to improve your ability to identify birds based on their sound or just want to enjoy the experience, then come along to the Tramore Valley Park for the dawn chorus with Harry Hussy.

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For more information on May events, including 'Becoming Kin Big Weekend' on 21-22nd May, read below:


May 22nd is World Biodiversity Day. This year's theme is “Building a Shared Future for all Life”. 

To mark World Biodiversity Day, The KinShip Project programmed a weekend of FREE citizen-led EVENTS at Tramore Valley Park. All are welcome

Go to The KinShip Project Eventbrite to see the range of walks, talks, workshops and other activities.

Download the full programme of events here

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June 2022

June Event News Coming Soon!