Grants for Outdoor Seating and Accessories 2021

Please note: The Outdoor SeatingandAccessories Grant and Street Furniture License application forms referenced on this page are provided by a third-party,, contracted by Cork City Council to process online submissions.  You will be presented with the privacy policy and terms and conditions if you choose to use the service.

Extended application date:

Cork City Council is making an addendum to the Guidelines for the ‘Outdoor Seating and Accessories for Tourism and Hospitality Business Scheme’.  This is in recognition of the global demand for outdoor seating and accessories, in some instances suppliers are unable to complete orders until January 2022. In these ‘exceptional circumstances’ applicants can still apply under the scheme and will receive their grants once goods are delivered and they can provide proof of delivery and goods are in-situ.

Applicants need to apply for the scheme prior to the extended closing date (8th October 2021) enclosing the quotes for goods, delivery dates from the suppliers and will still need to be compliant with all regulatory and planning requirements. 

Should your application be successful a formal letter of award will issue to you prior to 31 December, 2021.

Grants for Outdoor Seating and Accessories for Tourism and Hospitality Businesses in Cork City 2021 - Application

Outdoor hospitality was much enjoyed by the public last summer and will play a key role in welcoming people back to a vibrant and safe Cork City when restrictions start to lift. A new outdoor seating and accessories grant scheme, supported by Failte Ireland in partnership with local authorities, is now open for applications. Grants are available to support businesses in the hospitality and tourism sector in enhancing their outdoor offering. 

Who can apply?

Any restaurant, cafe, bar, hotel, visitor attraction or other hospitality/tourism business where food or drink is sold for consumption on the premises. The scheme is open to existing businesses located throughout Cork City. 

Eligibility Criteria

  • Applicants should have no commercial rates outstanding to Cork City Council, or have a payment plan in place.  
  • Applicants must have signed up to the Covid 19 Safety Charter (Apply for the Covid 19 Safety Charter )
  • All applicants are required to comply with planning codes, legislative requirements and other compliance requirements. 
  • Please note that ONLY premises branding is permitted. No fixtures with commercial/product advertising are eligible. All equipment must be to current I.S EN standards

Outdoor hospitality on Public Land (footpath or street, for example)

Those businesses availing of public land for outdoor furniture must be in possession of a Street Furniture License for 2021 from Cork City Council before availing of the scheme. Those who have applied for a 2021 licence may submit a grant application for consideration while their licence application is being assessed. All fees have been waived for these licenses for 2021. Visit the online form to apply for a Street Furniture License. Furniture and accessories for use in public areas must comply with the fire safety and universal access guidance set out in Cork City Council’s “Outdoor Dining Guide 2021” which should be read in conjunction with this form.

Outdoor hospitality on Private Land (courtyard or garden, for example):

For businesses applying for outdoor furniture in private lands appropriate planning permission must be in place.

What costs are eligible? Expenditure related to:

  • Tables
  • Chairs
  • Umbrellas
  • Electric heaters
  • Screens/windbreaks
  • Plant stands
  • Wooden Platforms
  • Awnings (Please note that the erection of awnings on buildings which are designated as a protected structure , included on the NIAH register( or are located In an Architectural Conversation Area (ACA) requires planning permission)

How much can each business apply for?

Each business can apply for up to €4,000 per premises (exclusive of VAT) towards the above eligible costs, up to a maximum of 75% of the total cost.  Applicants who received a grant from Cork City Council under the 2020 winterproofing grant scheme may also apply under this scheme but the cumulative grant cannot exceed €4,000 (eg if you received €2,000 through the 2020 winterproofing grants scheme you may apply for a maximum of €2,000 under this scheme).

How will successful applicants be paid?

Each application will be assessed to ensure it meets the terms of the scheme and has submitted the necessary proof of expenditure, photographs etc. Successful applicants will be notified by email and payment will be made electronically.

When is the deadline for applications?

Applications have been extended (please see the section "Extended application date" at the top of this page, for further information on this) and can now be accepted at any time between now and 5pm on Friday, 8th October 2021. Applications should include receipts and photographs of the items in situ, and a copy of the 2021 Street Furniture License where applicable.   Applications will be reviewed and grants paid to successful applicants on an ongoing basis until the scheme closes.

To complete this application form some of the information you will require includes:

  • Receipts/proof of payment for furniture and accessories
  • Photographs of furniture and accessories in situ
  • A copy of the relevant 2021 Street Furniture License where applicable
  • Bank details will be required at a later stage and you may be asked to complete a Cork City Council Supplier Setup Form (digitally) in order to receive payment.

You can save a draft and come back again to finish the application. You do not have to complete in one sitting. Please keep a record of your username and password to avail of this facility.

If you have a query please contact