Local Economic and Community Plan 2024-2029

Let's Plan Together - An Action Plan for the City


Cork City Council adopted the new LECP 2024-2029 on the 13th May 2024. This six-year plan will guide the local community and economic development of Cork City up to 2030. The aim of the LECP is to improve the quality of life for all those who live, work, study in, or visit Cork City. The LECP’s actions have a special focus on communities experiencing exclusion and disadvantage across the city. 

This LECP contains a detailed, timebound action plan that will be closely monitored and updated every 2 years. The 122 actions contained within will be delivered by Cork City Council and many partner organisations across the city. This ambitious and collaborative action plan demonstrates our commitment to partnership working and a shared vision of inclusivity, sustainability and prosperity for all those who call Cork City home.

In developing this LECP, we did our utmost to reach and connect with as many stakeholders as possible. We sought out and listened to many seldom heard voices. We asked for innovative an ambitious project ideas. This document represents the richness of these conversations, and the Council and its delivery partners are committed to seeing this work through.

In turn, this plan should be read as an invitation to everyone to take up action and feel an ownership of the vision contained within. 

If you would like to talk to us about how you can get involved, please email community@corkcity.ie or call 0214 924000. 

Cork City's Local Economic and Community Plan (LECP) 2024-2029


Plean Áitúil Eacnamaíochta agus Pobail (LECP) Chathair Chorcaí 2024-2029 


Public Consultation list of stakeholders


Consultation Report


City Labs Consultation Report


Review of LECP 2016-2021 'Pure Cork'


Policy Review for LECP 2024-2029


Socio-Economic Analysis


SEA Screening Report


Cork City's LECP 2024-2029- SEA Screening Determination letter

AA Screening Report


Want to contact us to discuss the LECP?

Please contact the Community Team on 021-4924000 or email community@corkcity.ie