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Update of the Cork Area Strategic Plan

Strategy for Additional Economic and Population Growth

July 2008.

The strategies in CASP 2001 – 2020, were formally adopted by Cork County Council and Cork City Council on 22nd October 2001, and those strategies were contained in the Cork County Development Plan 2003 and in the Cork City Development Plan 2004.

The CASP Update, dated July 2008, adheres to the key goals for the CASP Area which were adopted as part of the 2001 plan and delivers an updated strategy which provides a significant enhancement in economic growth and accommodates a greater population than originally envisaged.

The goals set for CASP remain valid and the key issues for this update is to align the implementation of policies with those goals.

The Cork City Development Plan 2009 and Cork County Development Plan 2009 have been informed by CASP and have given effect to the CASP Update.

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