National Development Plan

The National Development Plan provides a strategic basis for the allocation of scarce resources for investment in infrastructure and other projects within the state of Ireland, and therefore is the process by which investment prioritization occurs, improving the make-up of society and its quality of life. The NDP process and achievements of objectives set out in the plan are closely linked to the spatial priorities set out in the National Spatial Strategy, and projects that contribute to delivering this strategy or meeting the needs of communities with deficits in services and infrastructure.  

The plan includes investment in the following spending areas:

  • Regional development;
  • Transport 21 (e.g. the Cork-Middleton railway line and the N8 Cork-Dublin motorway);
  • Economic Infrastructure;
  • Human Capital (or training and education) (e.g. UCC library and the Cork School of Music);
  • Social Infrastructure and Social Inclusion.  

The National Development Plan 2007-2013 entitled Transforming Ireland – A Better Quality of Life for All, sets out the roadmap to Ireland’s future. The €184 billion Plan represents another major milestone in building a prosperous Ireland for all the people, characterised by sustainable economic growth, greater social inclusion and balanced regional development.  

Further details about the National Development Plan 2007-2013.