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Cork City Council is preparing statutory Local Area Plans (LAPs) for the Cork City Docks and Tivoli Docks. The Council made the commitment to prepare LAPS for these Key Development Areas in the Cork City Development Plan 2015 - 2021. The City Docks LAP will replace the South Docks Local Area Plan 2008 and the expired North Docks Local Area Plan 2005. The Tivoli Docks LAP will be a new plan.

As a first step, the City Council is undertaking a pre-plan issues exploration consultation and invites all stakeholders and interested parties to identify the issues that they feel need to be addressed in the proposed LAPs and how the areas should be redeveloped. Please click on the links below to view the Issues Papers.

Cork City Docks Issues Paper

Tivoli Docks Issues Paper

Cork City Docks Issues Paper and Tivoli Docks Issues Paper can also be viewed at the following:

  • Cork City Council’s website:
  • Cork City Libraries;
  • Planning Counter at Cork City Hall; or
  • Can be obtained by contacting the Planning Policy team on 021– 492-4086 / 021-492-4757.

A public consultation workshop to promote discussion about the future of the City Docks and Tivoli Docks will be held on Tuesday 20 June 2017 at the Clayton Hotel, Lapp's Quay, Cork. The workshop will be in the evening, but places are limited and should be booked through Cork City Council in advance of the meeting by emailing or ringing 021-492-4086 / 021-4924757.  Cork City Council aims to ensure a good balance in those participating in the event. 

Cork City Council invites written submissions from you to inform the plan-making processes. Submissions must include your own name and address and clearly identify which Local Area Plan process they relate to. The deadline for the receipt of submissions is 1.00pm on Friday 7 July 2017. Please make submissions by using the following e-consultation tool:


Alternatively, you can make a postal submission to: Local Area Plan Submissions, Planning Policy Section, Strategic Planning and Economic Development, City Hall, Cork. 

Statutory Consultations

The City Council is required to consult on a range of issues, including:

  • The Development Plan process and changes to the plan (“Variations”);
  • Local area plans process and changes to plans;
  • Additions to the Record of Protected Structures;
  • Planning applications which the City Council wishes to grant but which do not conform to the objectives set out in the development plan (called a “material contravention of the development plan”);
  • City Council development proposals requiring planning permission;

This list includes links to current statutory consultations:

Other Public Consultations

The City Council also consults the general public on non-statutory planning issues, including:

  • Area Action Plans and non-statutory stages of consultation in relation to local area plans;
  • Other strategy documents that the City Council is preparing (e.g. the Heritage Plan); and
  • Grants schemes that the Planning and Development Directorate administrate.;

This list includes links to current non-statutory proposals: