What I love about working and living in Cork

As part of a some research that was conducted very recently we asked people working in Cork what they loved about working and living here.

Its people, character, potential in terms of business development and culture!”

“Great people, no pressure at work, support from colleagues”

“The friendly happy people”

“The positivity and togetherness that businesses seem to have in relation to getting out of this recession”

Ease of access, bike friendly, diversity of food options, being able to pop into the shops, The English Market, the Pubs!”

“That it is Cork not Dublin. Cork has the city rights but people here are still friendly locals,not strangers from the city”

“Airport access; relative ease of commute; good access to Dublin; good logistic providers for shipping; local third level colleges”

“The lifestyle, a beautiful place to retreat to after a hard day’s work. A place to come to, good for mind and soul, to take time out”

“Strong brand image as a quality location sense of being exotic relatively unspoilt nature & sense of community”

“Access to pools of local talent and highly qualified professionals who value the quality of life that Cork provides”