talks “doing business in Cork”

Cork based, offers a suite of business applications, which are used by over 20,000 companies in over 147 countries worldwide to manage projects and streamline day-to-day operations. Teamwork’s clients include Ebay, Microsoft, Puma, Oxfam, Forbes Travel, Paypal, Electonic Arts, and NBC.  

We asked Peter Coppinger, co-founder of, what doing business in Cork means for him. 

teamworkHow do you find Cork as a location to do business?
So far so good. We started here and continue to expand in Cork so that says something in itself. Our client base is predominantly outside of Ireland but everything else that we need to successfully run a business is here in Cork.

How does it stack up cost wise against other locations?
Cork is very affordable by comparison to other cities.  San Francisco for example has staggering costs. When you’re located in a city that’s affordable like Cork it means there’s more opportunity to pump money back into the business.

Are there good business supports available in the region?
Yes. There is a good sense of community among the businesses in Cork.  There is always something on to keep you connected.

If you were describing Cork to someone who did not know much about the place what would you say?
Cork is a small city with a big vibe. It’s full of culture but at the same time maintains it’s own sense of identity that makes it a great place to live and work.

From your point of view what are the biggest advantages to operating a business in Cork?
As mentioned it’s cheaper to run a business here by comparison to other cities, there’s a strong business network here, and we have reasonably good access to talent.

Do you find it easy to attract people to work with your company in Cork?
Yes and no. We look for a very specific skillset which I think is difficult to find in Ireland in general as demand is high. However when we do find potential candidates getting them to come work for us isn’t too difficult because Cork appeals to lots of people.

How would you describe the quality of the indigenous workforce in Cork?
We’ve had a very good experience to date. Among our Cork workforce we have American, French and Bulgarian staff who all seem to love it here.

Could you describe the general work ethic that you have experienced in Cork?
It’s excellent. People really take pride in and value their work. It’s a great thing for us.

What is the general consensus of your team about working and living in Cork?
Everyone is happy here. Cork has a nice mix of young and old and there seems to be something for everybody here.

How would you describe your personal experience of living and working in Cork?
So far so good. I love experiencing new cultures but it’s a great place to have as base.

Is it a good place to raise a family?
So I hear. One of our team recently moved here from Sacramento California with his wife and 4 children so it seems to have a lot to offer families. There is a good choice of schools here and you’re only ever a stone’s throw from the countryside.

What is the one stand out feature about Cork that has resonated with you?
Probably how proud Cork people are about being from Cork. It’s something they carry with them wherever they go. Cork people sell Cork really well!