In Cork there is an appetite to make things work and to compete on a global stage

Cork is a great place in which to live and work according to Bob Savage, Vice President and Managing Director, EMC Centres of Excellence EMEA. He tells why here…

How do you find Cork as a location to do business?
Cork has quickly established itself as a tech hub and provides everything a company, big or small, needs in order to flourish on the international stage. From infrastructure, skilled graduates to the high quality of life on offer, Cork has all the essential ingredients for a company to operate successfully and for employees to build a fulfilling career.

How does it stack up cost wise against other locations?
Cork is a highly competitive international destination in which to do business. Many external and internal factors influence the cost of doing business in Cork. Business-friendly support services in place and other fiscal realities are certainly big advantages. The cost of living in Cork is also slightly lower than it is in Dublin which is certainly a benefit for our business and for our employees.

Are there good business supports available in the region?
Cork offers a wide range of business support services that all businesses can avail of. The IDA offers an extensive array of support services for MNCs and since its foundation has been incredibly successful in attracting and maintaining FDI in Ireland. This is only one of the support mechanisms the Government—which has been very supportive of the IT sector in Ireland—has put in place. The third-level institutions have also been a major benefit to us, as it allows us effortlessly to access a pool of highly educated and qualified individuals. Cork BIC and Enterprise Ireland also offer support to young companies in the region elevating Cork’s status as a tech hub.


If you were describing Cork to someone who did not know much about the place what would you say?
Cork is a vibrant and ever-changing city, with a rich business and social culture. Home to some of the largest companies in the world, the finest educational institutions in Ireland and an exciting cultural offering, Cork is a great place in which to live and work.

From your point of view what are the biggest advantages to operating a business in Cork?
The biggest advantage for me is definitely the availability of highly educated, skilled and motivated individuals. Other stakeholders such as local and national government, and organisations like IDA and Enterprise Ireland, are great supports. There is a “can do” attitude which is a really positive and important external factor.

Do you find it easy to attract people to work with your company in Cork?
In short, yes. Both EMC and Cork enjoy an excellent international reputation, making it easy for us to attract talented people from all over the globe. With leading educational institutions like UCC and CIT, great infrastructure and a vibrant social scene, the city is diverse and a cultural focal point. These are factors we cannot underestimate when attracting young and talented people from all over the world.

How would you describe the quality of the indigenous workforce in Cork?
Cork offers us a young, dynamic and well-educated workforce with excellent third-level institutions. University College Cork offers an excellent Data Business programme and Cork Institute of Technology offers Europe’s first Cloud Computing course, both developed in co-operation with EMC. These courses prepare graduates for the realities of the modern and ever-changing IT sector. Cork is also home to some of the country’s most prestigious and high-achieving secondary schools.

Could you describe the general work ethic that you have experienced in Cork?
There is a healthy pro-business attitude and strong work ethic evident in Cork. This work ethic and ambition is visible in every aspect of life. Our graduates are highly ambitious and motivated and want to succeed in the career of their choice. The recent economic downturn has only intensified that drive.

What is the general consensus of your team about working and living in Cork?
All our team enjoy living and working in Cork. Cork offers a high quality of life with a diverse and vibrant local culture. Cork is a beautifully creative and young city. It is also a key business hub with many pioneering companies and people establishing themselves here. We find that many of our people enjoy this aspect of the city, networking at the many industry events and meeting likeminded people.

How would you describe your personal experience of living and working in Cork?
As a Cork man, born and raised in the city and having studied at UCC and CIT, Cork is very much home. Cork is a great city to live and I’m fortunate that it is also home to EMC. Our Centre of Excellence in Cork is one of eight in the world and the Cork business is an important contributor to EMC on a global scale. The active business community in Cork, coupled with a talented team at EMC, means I enjoy arriving at the office every day.

Is it a good place to raise a family?
Yes, Cork is a great city to live, work and raise a family in. There’s great quality of life in Cork with some of the best schools in the country located here.

What is the one stand out feature about Cork that has resonated with you? 
In Cork, there is an appetite to make things work and to compete on a global stage. This attitude mirrors the spirit of EMC making Cork the perfect location for us.