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Grants Schemes in Cork City


Grants Offered This Year

Current grant schemes contributing to the protection and enhancement of Cork's Built and Natural Heritage being administered by the Planning Policy team are listed below.   

The Architectural Conservation Area Grant Scheme has been advertised. The Painting Grant Schemes 2016 will be announced on this page shortly.


Tax Incentives Schemes

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Living City Initiative

The Living City Initiative is a tax incentive scheme focusing on the regeneration of designated Special Regeneration Areas of Cork City, to encourage people to live in the historic area of the city and regenerate residential and commercial buildings. Full details of the scheme can be found here:

 Cork City Council’s Information Leaflet

 Please click on the link below to access Cork City Council's information leaflet.

  Living City Regeneration leaflet

   Clarifications on Extensions

Cork City Council will only assess and certify the residential element of the scheme. Applications on commercial properties are assessed and certified directly by Revenue. However, Cork City Council can advise on whether location of the property and the nature of the works meet the criteria of the scheme.

To check if a property in located within the designated Special Regeneration Areas of Cork City, please use the following maps:

Special Regeneration Areas of Cork City

Interactive Public Viewer Map with additional Built Heritage information

Living City Initiative Residential Application Form

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