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Oliver Plunkett Street Area Building Facades Improvements Grant 2015

The Oliver Plunkett Street area is a key commercial area that the City Council would like to help reinforce as one of Cork’s premier retail areas with a strong independent retail and food & drink character.

Following completion of the City Centre Strategy in 2014 Cork City Council allocated a significant fund to improve the Oliver Plunkett Street area of the City Centre.This grant scheme was advertised in 2014 and grant allocations were made to successful applicants. A residual sum from the budget allocation is available to allocate through the scheme in 2015.

 Applications are invited from building owners and occupiers for the improvement of building facades in the Oliver Plunkett Street area for the benefit of the area as a whole. The grant scheme will apply to the Oliver Plunkett Street area, which for the purposes of this scheme is defined as being the area bound by South Mall, Grand Parade, Saint Patrick’s Street, Maylor Street and Parnell Place. A map showing the area can be seen on the scheme leaflet.

  Oliver Plunkett Street Grant Application Form 2015

 The aim of the painting grant scheme is to achieve a recognizable and significant change in the character and appearance of this central commercial area of Cork City in 2015. The City Council is therefore providing financial incentives to encourage a swift and energetic response from building owners and occupiers. Resources will be targeted at buildings that detract from the character of the area by being unsightly or in poor condition.

 Grants will be made available for the painting and remedial repair of buildings on the following basis.




Grant offer if tax compliant contractor does work


Applicant provides labour


High priority for grant support

Building facade as a whole in poor / deteriorated condition and requires works such as cleaning, scraping, plant removal, painting for the benefit of the area as a whole (e.g. masonry, windows, shopfront, fascia). Likely to require complementary remedial repairs.


51%-66% (depending on impact and number of applications)

Up to a maximum of €1,250

100% of the cost of materials up to a maximum of €500

Medium Priority for grant support

Building in reasonable condition but some elements have deteriorated and require painting (including masonry) and therefore building would benefit from painting for the benefit of the area as a whole.


33-50% (depending on impact and number of applications)

Up to a maximum of €1,000

100% of the cost of materials up to a maximum of €500

Not a priority

Building in generally good condition and does not need painting for the benefit of the area as a whole.

No grant

No grant

No grant.



Grants will be made available for the remedial repairs of building façade elements that have a material effect on the condition and appearance of the façade. Eligible works will include appropriate repairs to rainwater goods, localized repairs to render / plasterwork, window repairs and joinery repairs. Other works will be considered on their merits.

Grants for remedial repairs to building facades will be available up to 50% / €2,500 of the cost of works. The City Council reserves the right to offer grants of more than this amount in relation to remedial repairs in exceptional circumstances, where the works are considered to be of significant benefit to a building of significance and to the area as a whole.


The closing date for receipt of completed applications is Friday 5 June 2015 and qualifying applicants will have until Friday 6 November 2015 to submit a payment claim to the Council under the Scheme.


Grant allocations will be made on a competitive basis according to the benefit of the project to the building and the area as a whole, as well as the number of applications received.


Further information can be obtained by emailing us at: Alternatively please contact the Planning Policy Section on 021-492 4086 or 021-492-4757.


Applications must be supported by two, or more, competitive quotations from tax compliant contractors. Where applicants are applying for materials only one quotation will suffice.