Heritage Plan and Projects

The Cork City Heritage Plan (2007-2012) sets out a series of realistic and practical actions to protect, conserve and manage the heritage of Cork City over the next five years. The aim of the Plan is “to secure the heritage of Cork City, to enrich the lives of its people and to ensure that the care of our heritage; past, present and future is at the heart of the development of the City.” The Plan identifies four objectives/themes to focus on for the lifetime of the Plan. These are:

  • To protect and enhance the natural, cultural and built heritage of Cork City;
  • To promote awareness, appreciation and enjoyment of heritage of Cork City;
  • To promote interest and knowledge in heritage through education and training;
  • To collect and research information on the heritage of Cork City. 

There are 47 actions in the Plan and each of these is listed under each of these objectives. Many of these actions will help achieve more than one objective however it is hoped that all of these actions will contribute to the aim of the plan and the sustainable management of the heritage of Cork City. 

Further information on the Heritage Plan and related Heritage Projects can be found here.