Permanent Changes

Keeping track of the permanent changes to transport in Cork City.
Grenville Place/Prospect Row

‌Traffic flow has been adjusted  to one way northbound from Prospect Row (Mercy Hospital) towards North Gate Bridge as far as Grattan Street.

 The layout of the Junction of Grattan Street and Bachelors Quay has been changed.

 Traffic on Grattan Street must now stop as traffic along the quays now has priority.

Permanent Changes - Grenville Place, Prospect Row, Bachelors Quay


Castle Street

June 9th, 2017

Traffic flow will be reversed on Castle Street on a permanent basis commencing at 10:00am on June 9th, with traffic accessing Castle Street from North Main Street only.

Castle Street Permanent Works


North Main Street Public Lighting

The renewal of street lighting with modern LED fittings has been successfully completed on North Main Street with the aim to;

  • Deliver significant energy savings
  • Increase illumination and visibility in the area
  • Improve the general vibrancy of North Main Street

As part of this scheme, the renewal of lighting will be extended to other streets in this very historic area of the city to support the use of more sustainable modes - walking, cycling and public transport.

Parking Changes – Off Street

As of 18th April 2017, the North Main Street Car Park now opens 7 days a week and has also extended its opening hours:

  • Monday to Saturday 07.30 to 21.30
  • Sunday 11.30 to 21.30
Parking Changes – On Street

As of 18th April 2017, the allowable parking duration in the streets below has changed. Drivers paying for on-street parking in these streets are permitted to park for 1 hour. The need to pay for parking now operates from 08:30 to 20:30. Valid parking permits will apply as normal.

  • Adelaide Street,
  • Anne Street,
  • Bachelor’s Quay,
  • Coach street,
  • Grattan Street,
  • Grenville place,
  • Henry Street,
  • James Street
  • Liberty Street,
  • Little Hanover Street,
  • Moore Street,
  • Peter's street ,
  • Prospect row,
  • Sheares Street.