Current Works

When: 08th of May 2017 to 19th of May 2017.

Where: Junction of Castle Street/Cornmarket Street/Daunt Square.

What: Localised amendment of footpaths will be carried out at the junction of Castle Street, Cornmarket Street & Daunt Square. Alterations to Road Markings and Signage will also be undertaken.

Why: To enable reversal of traffic flow on Castle Street.

Impact:  Once works are completed the traffic flow will be reversed on Castle Street on a permanent basis, with traffic accessing Castle Street from North Main Street only.‌

‌When: 2nd May 2017 to 12th of June 2017

Where: Prospect Row, Grenville Place, Bachelors Quay, from the Junction of Sheares Street to the junction of Grattan street along the quays.

What: To provide space for a taxi rank, shared footpath and cycle path along the quay and to upgrade public lighting and footpaths.

Why: To realign the road to convert it to one way traffic to remove pinch point caused by give and take in two way traffic. Realigned road will improve parking for ambulances outside the Accident and Emergency Dept. of the Mercy University Hospital.

Impact:  Traffic will be one way inbound from the Sheares Street junction along Prospect Row and Grenville Place to the junction on Grattan Street. There will be no left turn from Henry Street onto Prospect Row.

 Grenville Place Current Works

When: Commencing Wednesday the 17th of May 2017.

Where: Henry Street from the junction of Grattan Street to the junction of Prospect Row.

What: Localised amendment of footpaths, will be carried out along Henry Street in a staged manner.

Why: For duration of works there will be restricted parking in the works area. On completion of the works there will be improved footpaths, public lighting, accessibility and parking will be restored.

‌When: 2nd May 2017 to 10th May 2017.

Where: In the vicinity of the traffic island at the junction of South Mall & Parliament Street

What: To re-align and reduce the size of the traffic island that supports the traffic signals on South Mall.

Why: To reduce the current pinch point and thereby allowing the two lanes of traffic to flow through the junction more effectively.

Impact:  Traffic will be prohibited from accessing Prince’s Street from Parliament Street for the duration of the works. Traffic travelling eastbound from Grand Parade will be restricted to one lane in the immediate vicinity of the works.

South Mall Currnet Works