Current Works

Henry Street

When: Commencing Monday the 18th of September 2017

Where: Henry Street from the junction of Moore Street to the junction of Prospect Row

What:  Localised amendment of footpaths, will be carried out along Henry Street in a staged manner.

Why: To improve the footpaths and accessibility for all users along Henry Street.

Impact: For duration of Works there will be restricted parking in the works area.On completion of the works there will beimproved footpaths, public lighting, accessibility and parking will be restored

Local access will be accommodated for the duration of the works for more information please contact 021-4924058 or to discuss your alternative route.

Grattan Street & Sheares Street

‌‌‌When: Commencing 21st August

Where: Grattan Street  & Sheares Street .

What: Changing flow of traffic to one way southbound form Peter’s Street to Sheares Street & Sheares Street from its junction with Prospect Row to its junction with Grattan Street to facilitate;

  •  improvements to the public real,
  • improving accessibility along Grattan Street

  • upgrade of existing junctions and installation of new pedestrian crossings

  • resurfacing of Grattan Street

  • the improvement of public lighting.

Why: To upgrade the footpaths and roadway,  improve the public lighting and to improve access for bus services to the city centre.

Impact: On completion of the works, Grattan Street will be accessible for vulnerable road users. Improved pavements and footpaths as well as public lighting which will improve the appearance of the area.


For more information please contact 021-4924058 or to discuss.

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