The city needs to deal with the challenges posed by growth in population, in car ownership and usage and limited capacity on our roads. Improved reliability and reduced journey times will make public transport a more viable alternative for journeys to the city centre, thereby reducing overall congestion.

Benefit oneBenefit twoBenefit three
Public transport reliability will be improved and journey times reduced by improved facilities. Traffic signals will be upgraded:

- to maximise the efficiency of the traffic network and

- to provide adequate pedestrian crossing locations and times.
An enhanced appearance of the city centre for residents, workers and visitors from improvements to public realm and upgrades to public lighting.


City Centre Public Transport Improvements - FAQ’s

Where can I find more information?

You can contact our dedicated phone line on: 021-4924058

Alternatively you can send us an email on: transportforcorkcity@corkcity.ie or sign up to get updates.

Will I be able to get to my outpatients appointment at the hospital?

Yes, access to all areas of the hospital will be maintained at all times. Any restrictions for vehicular access will be signposted. Some parking restrictions may apply on the streets where work is being undertaken, you will still be able to walk past the works.  For up to date information regarding current traffic diversions, please refer to the Current Works Section of the Website.

Are some of the streets being pedestrianised?

There are improvements for pedestrians as part of these proposals, such as widening the footpaths and adding new crossing points.
However, there are no plans to pedestrianise any of the areas.

Are these plans trying to get more people to use buses, instead of their cars?

The plans have been put forward to make buses a more attractive and reliable option for people to use, but we know that many people still need to use their car or prefer to do so.

We’ll be adding more signs to direct drivers to the best route available.
We are maintaining access to all areas you can currently reach by car so those who still wish to drive can do so, albeit in some cases by a different route.

How long will the Works Last?

For details on individual elements please look at the Current Works Section of the Website.

Why are the works essential?

Public transport improvements are essential to ensure;

  • Effective movement of people and goods within the city centre
  • To create an attractive and accessible environment for residents, workers, shoppers and visitors
  • Transport for Cork will lay the foundations for an efficient, fit for purpose transport system into the future


What is the purpose of the scheme?

The scheme forms part of the traffic management plan for the city whereby traffic whose destination is away from the city centre are encouraged to use the alternate routes thereby reducing congestion for those doing business in the city centre.

This is one of a number of schemes being undertaken by Cork City Council with the support of the National Transport Authority to upgrade junctions, reduce pinch points from the network and to re-allocate roadspace on city centre streets to ensure balance between different transport modes.

What areas will be affected?

This scheme will concentrate on St. Patrick’s Street, along Bachelors Quay and in the Middle Parish and will include:

  • Provision of improved parking facilities for ambulances at the Mercy University Hospital on Grenville place.
  • Upgrading of Traffic signals and controllers at all junctions to improve efficiency of the network.
  • Undertaking public realm improvements such as planting, public lighting, street furniture, amenities, pedestrian facilities, road and footpath surface improvements
  • Provision of additional disabled parking bays.
  • Provision of a taxi rank on Grenville place.
  • Introduction of local traffic calming measures including the introduction of 30kph slow zone in the Middle Parish residential areas.
  • Introduction of restrictions for general traffic on St. Patrick’s St from 3.00pm to 6.30pm. Access during this period will be permitted for Buses, Taxis, Cyclists and Emergency Services only.
  • Extension of the hours of operation of North Main St car park.
  • Modification of the pay parking regime in the Middle Parish area from 6.30pm to 8.30pm and reduction in the allowable parking period from 2 hours to 1 hour to better accommodate the needs of local residents and visitors to the area.