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Guide To Temporary Road Closure

1. Why do I need permission for a Temporary Road Closure ?

Permission to temporarily close a road is required under Section 75 of the Roads Act 1973 and The Roads Regulations 1994.

2. How do I apply for Temporary Road Closure permission?

You must complete an application form which can be obtained from;
a) Cork City Council website

b) Roads Control Division
Tel: 021 4924277

c) Reception Desk
City Hall

An application must be made a minimum of one month prior to the proposed Road Closure date to allow for processing of the application and advertising.

3. What happens when I complete the application form?

You can return the completed form to the Reception Desk, City Hall, or post to The Roads Control Division, Cork City Council, City Hall, Cork.

4. What documentation do I need?

a) Completed application form
b) A written Traffic Management Plan – This must detail the proposed diversion route/s.
This plan must also give:

As part of The Traffic Management Plan, the applicant must define the size of the works, ie the length. This is required for fixed works, ie works at a specific location and for moving works, ie works which are carried out along a street or road.

c) Appropriate fee
d) Sketch of the site showing the compound, location of material, plant, etc
e) Public Liability and Employer Insurance cover to a minimum value of 6.5 Million euro indemnifying Cork City Council against any third party claims.

5. What is the cost of a Temporary Road Closure ?

This applicant must submit a minimum non-refundable fee of €650 at the time of application to cover administration costs. A non-refundable fee of €2200 is required if the closure necessitates advertisement (i.e. closure for more than 7 days). Additional charges may be applied after the application has been considered.

6. What payment methods are available to me?

Cash and bank draft are accepted.

7. Do I need insurance to obtain a Road Closure Licence?

INSURANCE—A copy of the applicant’s Public Liability Insurance must accompany each application.

The Public Liability Insurance must Indennify Cork City Council for €6.5 million for any one incident.

The applicant shall be liable and shall indemnify Cork City Council against all claims in respect of injury or damage to persons or property and from all proceedings, liabilities, losses or expenses of whatever nature, however arising, in connection with or arising out of the activities covered by this application.

8. What happens when I submit all the required documents?

You can return the completed application form and necessary documents to the Reception Desk, City Hall or you can post to Roads Control Division .
The Roads Control Division will contact you and advise you if your application is successful and the appropriate fee payable.

Contact Information

Roads Control Division Building and Street Inspector
City Hall Roads Control Division
Cork Cork
Tel: 021 4924277 Tel: 021 4924174