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Guide To Road Opening licences

1. Is there more than one type of Road Opening Licence?

There are two types of Road Opening Licence:
1) T3– Minimum Impact Works Notification. This is a licence application for a Single Excavation less than 5 square metres in area with minimum impact on Traffic or Pedestrian Flow.
2) T1 – Roadworks Notification This is a licence application for a Single Excavation greater than 5 square metres.

2. How do I apply for a Road Opening Licence?

You must complete the relevant application form which can be obtained from:
a) Cork City Council website
b) Roads Control Division Tel: 021 4924277 or 021 4924072

3. What documentation do I need to obtain a licence?

a) A completed application form. Original Application Forms will only be accepted.
b) Application Fee.
T1 – Application fee of €190
T3 – Application fee of €650/€1600
Applicants will be invoiced by Cork City Council for all additional charges incurred upon completion of the work.
c) In the case of a T3 ( Minimum Impact Works Notification the applicant is requested to highlight the exact location of the proposed works on a map of the area provided by Cork City Council and maintained for record purposes.
d) INSURANCE – A copy of the applicant’s Public Liability Insurance must accompany each application.
The Public Liability Insurance must Indemnify Cork City Council for €6.5 million for any one incident
The applicant shall be liable and shall indemnify Cork City Council against all claims in respect of injury or damage to persons or property and from all proceedings, liabilities, losses or expenses of whatever nature, however arising, in connection with or arising out of the activities covered by this application.

4. What fees might I expect in incur in obtaining a Road Opening Licence?

Application Fee:
T3 – Minimum Impact Works Notification

Administration Charge €100
Long Term Damage Fee €50
Deposit €500
Total €650

Where an application effects a roadway that has been resurfaced within the past 5 years.

Administration Charge €100
Deposit €1500
Total €1600

Application Fee:
T1 – Roadworks Notification

Administration Charge €190

An assessment of additional charges will be carried out on completion of the works.

5. What is the procedure if I need to close a road?

If a temporary Road Closure is required you will have complete a R1 form – Application for a Temporary Road Closure

6. What happens when the application form is complete?

You can return the completed application form (s) and relevant documentation to the Reception Desk, City Hall or you can post it to The Roads Control Division, City Hall, Cork. The Roads Control Division will then contact you and will advise you if your application is successful, and of the relevant fee.


Responsibility for any temporary reinstatement and permanent reinstatement remains with the applicant for a maintenance period of 24 months from the date of the permanent reinstatement.

Twenty one months from the date of Excavation the licensee should apply to The Roads Control Division of Cork City Council for repayment of the deposit quoting the relevant licence number. Following inspection by Cork City Council and certification that works are in order the deposit will be returned to the applicant on completion of the maintenance period.

Contact Telephone Numbers

Roads Control Division
Cork City Council
City Hall
Tel: 021 4924166 or 021 4924277