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Parks and Cemeteries Services Section

Parks & Cemeteries Services Section


Parks and Cemeteries Services are responsible for the management and maintenance of public parks, public open spaces, play areas, amenity walks, sport pitches, municipal golf course and the four Council owned cemeteries.  

Parks and Cemeteries

In total the section manages approximately 1,500 acres of land consisting of high maintenance, enclosed parks e.g. Fitzgerald’s Park, Tory Top Park, Lough Mahon Park, and open space areas, along with the management of designated natural and bio-diverse areas such as Glen River Park, Bishopstown Park, walkways, cycleways, etc.

The four cemeteries provide a quality and caring burial service to bereaved families.  The individual cemeteries are maintained to a high standard and therefore are considered by local residents within their catchment area as local parks and tranquil spaces for walking and sitting.  They provide refuge for nature and their maintenance is tailored to increase bio-diversity.

Planting and management of roadside and parkland trees is a key function of the service,  and the visual benefits of this is becoming very evident as the trees matures.

Floral Bedding

Planting and maintenance of seasonal floral bedding, including spring bulbs, is considered essential in presenting a good image of the city to residents, the business community and visitors.  Whilst many favourable comments are received from time to time regarding various aspects of the Parks and Cemetery Service, without doubt the most favourable comments relate to seasonal bedding  and, interestingly, many of these are from short-stay visitors i.e. shoppers and tourists.


In line with Cork City Council’s Biodiversity Plan, the importance of nature in the city is being actively prioritised and advanced through the following:

  • creating wild-flower/nature areas in parks and open spaces,
  • selection of suitable species of trees/shrubs to encourage wildlife,
  • sensitive management of river embankments,
  • minimising use of herbicides and pesticides.


Liaison with public representatives, community and residents associations, voluntary groups, sports clubs and the general public is an essential and integral part of the service.  It allows these groups an opportunity to voice their views/observations regarding aspects of the service, it also enables staff the opportunity to resolve issues at source.  A landscape and horticulture advisory service is provided for resident associations, schools, voluntary groups and the public.