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St. Finbarr's Cemetery

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Cork City Council manages four Municipal Cemeteries:

  • St. Finbarr’s, Glasheen Road, Cork. Tel: 021- 4545997
  • St. Joseph’s, Tory Top Road, Ballyphehane, Cork. Tel: 021-4320191
  • St. Catherine’s, Kilcully, Co. Cork. Tel: 021-4300669
  • St. Michael’s & New, Blackrock, Cork. Tel:  021-4357890


Plots are only available for sale in St. Catherines Cemetery and St. Michaels Cemetery for immediate burial. No plots are available in St. Finbarr’s and St. Josephs Cemetery.

Plot Prices
Cemetery Internal External (Pathway)
St. Catherine’s €1,730 €1,925
St. Michael’s New €1,730 €1,925 *

*There are currently no external plots available in St. Michael’s New Cemetery.

The above prices relate to a single 9ft x 4ft plot. Normally, a plot can accommodate three burials, subject to conditions.

Procedure for Purchase of Plots

Plots can be purchased:

  1. From an Undertaker
  2. From Cemetery Supervisor in St. Catherines Cemetery and St. Michaels Cemetery.


A Conditions form needs to be filled up by the purchaser, when a Right of Burial is being purchased. This form outlines cemetery rules and conditions that the purchaser must accept on purchase of the right of burial.

Payment can be made by cash or cheque.

Deeds are issued approximately 6 to 8 weeks after purchase.

Plot Transfers

There are two types of Plot Transfers:

1. Transfer of Grant of Right of Burial (from deceased to living)

Often a family member may wish to transfer right of burial of a plot from a deceased relative into their own name. To do this a form needs to be completed and returned to Recreation, Cemeteries & Sport Section Division, accompanied by a solicitors or Commissioners for Oaths letter confirming details.

2. Assignment of Right of Burial

This occurs when a ‘living’ person with a right of burial in a plot wishes to assign the right of burial to somebody else. A form needs to be completed and returned to Recreation, Cemeteries & Sport Division accompanied by the original Grant of Right of Burial.

Duplicate Grant of Right of Burial

If an original Deed has been lost, the person who is the named Right of Burial holder can apply for a Duplicate Deed, as per form below.

Cemeteries Forms



Applications for Exhumation Licenses are administered by the Cemeteries Section of the Environment & Recreation Directorate in Cork City Council.


Application for Transfer of Grant of Right of Burial (from Deceased to Living) (PDF)(60KB)

Application for Assignment of Right of Burial (from Living to Living) (61KB)

Application for Duplicate Grant of Right of Burial (PDF)(57KB)

Application for Exhumation Licence (71KB)

Application for Erection of Headstones/Memorial/Kerbing (where permitted)(103KB)

Cork City Cemeteries: Historic and Modern

Cork City Cemeteries - Historic:


For those wishing to trace ancestors Cork City Archives  has a number of records pre November 1947 for St. Josephs Cemetery.

Any other queries can be directed to the Cemetry Supervisor or