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In April 2002 the Departmant of Finance got Government approval to implement the recommendations outlined in the document A Strategy for the Implimentation of eProcurement in the Irish Public Service.

Modernisation of the public sector procurement processes has the potential to bring about greater value for money in all Public Service bodies.

It is hoped that the introduction of e-procurement technologies in all Public Service bodies will also serve as a key driver of e-business adoption across the economy as a whole.

Government’s own blueprint for implementation of e-procurement was formulated in 2001 and projects annual savings in the region of €175m. Other estimates suggest that the scope for savings on purchasing costs may even be greater.

Cork City Council along with all other Public Service Organisations is currently engaged in this new strategy in a bid to safe money on all tendered goods and services thus improving value for money. Co-operation and co-ordination between Public Service Organisations in terms of aggregation of purchases is needed if the potential savings under the new process are to be realised.

What is E-Procurement?

E-Procurement is defined as the Electronic Linking of Public Sector Purchasers with their Suppliers to conduct any or all aspects of Procurement.

Procurement includes the purchasing of supplies, services and works. It covers all aspects of the proccurement cycle ie purchasing, payment, materials management and supplier management.

All Public Bodies now place tenders for goods and services electronically on a central portal website

Suppliers can now visit this portal and view the Goods and Services that all Public Bodies are in need of at any given time.

Benefits to the Supplier

There are a number of key Benefits for Suppliers under the New E-Procurement Process.

Access to a larger marketplace. Easy access to State Agencies, Public Bodies and Local Governments could result in more orders and increased sales for suppliers. Small suppliers may be able to expand into previously untapped markets.

Improved business process for order receipt. Electronic orders will be sent to suppliers which will reduce cycle times and improve their business process, because hand keying of orders will be eliminated.

More accurate orders. Electronic transmission and more timely order processing may result in more accurate orders and less returns.

Any Queries relating to Cork City Councils E-Procurement policy and practices can be directed to 021 4924547