Repair of Water Mains and Service Pipes

Cork City Council  is responsible for the repair and maintenance of 655 km of water main ranging in size from 800mm diameter (32in) to 50mm (2in) and 44,009 service pipes.

In the event of damage to the water services network the following protocol must be followed:

  • Contact must be made with the Water Services Section of Cork City Council by telephoning the following number 021- 4924514.
  • The caller must identify themselves and advise what contractor / company they are working for.
  • The caller must identify the location and extent of the damage and briefly outline how the damage was caused.
  • The caller must give a phone  number where they can be contacted.
  • The caller must remain at the location of the incident until the Cork City Council Foreman arrives on site and must provide the Foreman with any other information required.

Section 45 of the Water Services Act 2007 it is an offence to causes damage to a water main, distribution system, sewer, drain, service connection or their accessories used for the purposes of providing water services belonging to or in the charge of a water service authority and the offence carries a fine not exceeding €5000 upon summary conviction.

Section 51 of the Water Services Act 2007 where sums are due to Cork City Council acting as a water services authority such sums and any expenses incurred in their recovery are recoverable as a simple contract debt in a court of competent jurisdiction.

Cork City Council operate a strict 30 day credit limit for all invoices for repair works to our water distribution / drainage network.