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The Environment & Recreation Directorate is responsible for the protection of the environment in a sustainable way which meets the needs of existing and future citizens.

The Directorate through the provision of its various services undertakes measures to protect and enhance the environment in which we live, however, it is only with the help of all citizens taking personal responsibility for environmental care that our goals can be achieved.

The Directorate has responsibility for the provision of the following services:

1) Waste Management: Through the promotion of reduction, recycling and responsible disposal of waste.
2) Litter Management: Through both enforcement and education / information programmes.
3) Street Cleaning: Through the provision of a 7 day a week street cleaning programme.
4) Water Services: Through the provision, on behalf of Irish Water, of clean potable water for domestic and commercial purposes.
5) Waste Water Services: Through the collection, transport and treatment of domestic and industrial wastewater on behalf of Irish Water.
6) Recreational Services: Through the provision playgrounds, pitches, golf course and the provision of recreation/leisure centres, and multi user games areas.
7) Burial Grounds: Through the provision of good quality, well maintained burial facilities.


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Office Hours: 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. Monday to Friday excluding public holidays

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        Water Services: 

        Since 1 January 2014, responsibility for public water supplies has transferred from local authorities to Irish Water, the new national water services authority. Cork City Council operates public water supplies on behalf of Irish Water.


        Drinking Water & Waste Water Service Requests - 24 Hours 

        Faults Water Supply and Waste Water       1850 278278

        Domestic Billing Queries                           1850 448448

        Commercial Water Queries                       1850 778778 

        Irish Water


Flooding Management & Surface Water Queries (021) 4924514

Blocked Road Gullies – Roads Directorate          (021) 4924758

Waste Management:
Landfill Site/Pollution (021) 492 4299 / 492 4533

Waste Operations:
Litter and Dumping (021) 492 4299 

ckc-typewriter-icon-58w.jpg‌ Environment Department, City Hall, Anglesea Street, Cork.


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National Spring Clean

Cork City Council participated in the National Spring Clean campaign 2017.  Now in its 19th year, the National Spring Clean campaign is Ireland’s largest anti-litter initiative and each year throughout April and May, over half a million people take part in over 5,000 clean-ups across the country.  

Volunteers who registered with An Taisce for the National Spring Clean campaign are issued with a free clean up kit. Cork City Council provided free bags and gloves to residents groups and associations involved in cleanups and collected and dispose of the collected material FREE of charge.

 How Can I make a difference to Littering in Cork City!

  • Do not litter and don’t tolerate those who do.
  • If a litter bin is not in sight when you need one, keep your litter until you see a litter bin or take your litter home with you.
  • When out with your dog carry a suitable means of collecting your dog’s waste.  Dog dirt is a public health hazard, it is unsightly and unpleasant.
  • Recycle responsibly!
  • Be aware of illegal waste collectors!  If you pay someone to collect your waste, you must ensure that the collector has a valid waste collection permit.  If you pay for waste disposal and it is later found illegally dumped, you are responsible for it.
  • Be part of the solution! Keep the footpath/roadside outside your premises litter free. A small effort by all members of the community can make a huge difference.
  • Get involved! If there is a Tidy Towns Competition, National Spring Clean event or an Anti-Litter Campaign in your area - support it!  If there isn't any, perhaps you can get one going with your neighbours or community association.

            To report a litter / waste incident:

            Call 1800 22 22 26- Please give the exact location of the litter, waste, etc