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The Environment and Recreation Directorate is responsible for the delivery of the following services: Water &  Drainage (on behalf of Irish Water), Waste Management Waste Operations and Recreation & Sport . Our approach to care for the Environment is based on the principle of sustainable development i.e. “development that meets the needs of the present without compromising the ability of future generations to meet their own needs”. Cork City Council, in its role as a provider of services such as waste collection, recycling facilities, water and drainage can undertake measures to protect the environment we live in, nevertheless there is a duty on everybody to make their contribution in the area of environmental care.


Since 1 January 2014, responsibility for public water supplies has transferred from local authorities to Irish Water, the new  national water services authority. Cork City Council operates public water supplies on behalf of Irish Water. 

The Environment Directorate as an agent of Irish Water provides for the monitoring, treatment and distribution of a continous and sufficient supply of pure drinking water.  and maintains drainage collection and treatment systems to meet the needs of the city.  The Water Services Section is also engaged in the design and development of Capital Projects under the Water Services Investment Programme.

If you have problems with your water supply please contact Irish Water:  

Faults Water Supply and Waste Water      1850 278278

Domestic Billing Queries                          1850 448448

Commercial Water Queries                      1850 778778  Contact Irish Water from

See Water Quality Reports by Irish Water since 2014      

Water and Wastewater connections from 11 May 2017 Irish Water is now your contact point for all water and wastewater connections.  Please note that existing Cork City Council application forms will no longer be accepted by Irish Water or Cork City Council after this date.

Visit for application forms and further information.

For more information contact Irish Water:

Web:  Twitter: @IWCare

Boards:  Email:

Postal Address: Irish Water, PO Box 860, South City Delivery Office, Cork City

Telephone: 1850 278 278 or +353 1 707 2828

Connections and Developer Services enquiries  8.00-4.30pm, Mon-Fri

Water supply and emergencies 24 hours a day, 7 days a week


Since 1 January 2014, responsibility for public water supplies has transferred from local authorities to Irish Water, the new  national water services authority.

 Cork City Council operates public water supplies and waste water services on behalf of Irish Water.

  • The Drainage Section is concerned with the collection, transport and treatment of domestic and industrial wastewater from houses, commercial premises, factories, hospitals, schools etc. in the City
  • It achieves this through a network of sewers, culverts and tunnels extending over 500km, through most streets and lanes in the City, 18 pumpstations and a large biological treatment plant.
  • In addition surface water is collected from premises and roads and conveyed by sewers and culverts to rivers and streams in and around the City. 

Contact Irish Water:

Faults Water Supply or Waste Water                1850278278 

  Domestic Billing Queries                                              1850448448

  Commercial Water Queries                                         1850778778

The principal activities of the Waste Operations Section are:

  • Street Cleaning
  • Litter Control


Cork City Council has transferred its waste collection service for both domestic and non domestic customers to Country Clean Recycling, The Mill, Castletownroche, Mallow Co. Cork with effect from Monday 15th August 2011.  There is no immediate changes to waste collection and you should continue to present your waste as normal

Enquiries concerning any aspect of waste collection services should be made to Country Clean Recycling at 022 46848 or to



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        Water Services: 

        Since 1 January 2014, responsibility for public water supplies has transferred from local authorities to Irish Water, the new national water services authority. Cork City Council operates public water supplies on behalf of Irish Water.


        Drinking Water & Waste Water Service Requests - 24 Hours 

        Faults Water Supply and Waste Water       1850 278278

        Domestic Billing Queries                           1850 448448

        Commercial Water Queries                       1850 778778 

        Irish Water


Flooding Management & Surface Water Queries (021) 4924514

Blocked Road Gullies – Roads Directorate          (021) 4924758

Waste Management:
Landfill Site/Pollution (021) 492 4299 / 492 4533

Waste Operations:
Litter and Dumping (021) 492 4299 

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Waste Battery Regulations

European Union (Batteries and Accumulators) ( Amendment)Regulations 2014 ( S.I. No. 283 of 2014 ) came into effect on 30th of July 2014 they follow on from the waste Management(Batteries and Accumulators) Regulations 2008 and impose obligations on people who produce and distribute batteries and accumulators. If not disposed of properly, and sent to a normal landfill, batteries can release dangerous heavy metals into the environment such as cadmium, nickel and lead. For this reason they must be recycled correctly to avoid this happening.

Obligations for Retailers:

All battery / accumulator retailers need to ensure that they are registered annually with their local authority (download registration form ) or with WEEE Ireland / ERP (approved registration bodies)

NOTE:  Retailers selling WEEE and registered with Cork City Council under the WEE Regulations are also deemed registered under the Batteries and Accumulators Regulations, 2008.

Retailers only selling portable batteries (i.e. AAA,AA, Cell C, Cell D, PP3 and PP9) are not required to register but are still obligated to provide free take-back facilities for batteries of the same type which they sell.  Retailers selling automotive or industrial batteries and not already registered under the WEEE Regulations are required to register with their local authority and pay a fee of €20 annually, or register with WEEE Ireland, which covers the Cork City Council area.

Registered retailers are obligated to provide take-back facilities free of charge.  Waste batteries need not have been purchased at their premises.  The facility should be conveniently located and appropriate notices put in place. Retailers can only transfer waste batteries on to authorised waste collectors, which include WEEE Ireland (an approved collection compliance scheme, Kinsale Road Civic Amenity site (once prior arrangements have been made with the site operator) or a permitted waste collector acting on behalf of the battery / accumulator producer.  Under the Regulations, producers of batteries and accumulators are obligated to finance any net costs arising from the environmentally sound management of waste batteries deposited at collection points.

An information note for Retailers is provided on the Department of the Environment's website.

Members of the public can deposit their waste batteries at collection points on the premises of all battery retailers once the waste batteries are equivalent to the type which is sold on the premises.  Waste batteries and accumulators can also be brought to the Kinsale road Civic Amenity site. Waste batteries and accumulators should never be disposed of in household bins.


For further details, or if you have any queries on the regulations, contact the Enforcement Section in Cork City Council on (021) 492 4299 / 492 4533 or email Email:


Waste Management (Batteries and Accumulators) (Amendment) Regulations 2014

Links - European Recycling Platform

Note:  This page is a guide only.  It does not purport to provide, and should not be relied upon as, a legal interpretation of the regulations. Cork City Council advises you to read the Regulations in full.