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Sewage is made up of water from washbasins, kitchen sinks and baths, the waste flushed down the toilet and rainwater from roads, roofs and gardens.

When sewage disappears down a plug hole or the toilet it flows through the waste pipe and into a drain.  From there it usually flows into the public sewer network.  Cork City Council is the body responsible for the maintenance and upkeep of the public sewer network.  Householders and private businesses are responsible for the maintenance and repair of their drains until they connect with the public sewer.

Usually the public sewer runs underneath the nearest road, but sometimes it can be some distance away.  Wherever possible the sewage flows through sewers by gravity until it reaches the sewage treatment works.  Sometimes, particularly in flat areas, the sewage needs to be pumped to the works from a pumping station.

Our sewers are regularly inspected and maintained to ensure they operate as effectively as possible.  However, we need the co-operation of the general public in ensuring that no items are flushed or put down plug holes or gullies which can cause blockages in the public sewer resulting in major clean-up costs and inconvenience for everyone in the location of the blockage.