S.U.R.C.H. - Social Inclusion in Urban Regeneration through Cultural Heritage


The Docklands Directorate participated in an E.U. programme entitled S.U.R.C.H. - Social Inclusion in Urban Regeneration through Cultural Heritage funded through URBACT. URBACT aims to improve urban actions and policies so as to effectively address multiple problems in urban situations through exchange of knowledge and by capitalising on experience acquired by urban actors. The specific aims of the S.U.R.C.H. Programme were as follows:

  • Establish Guidelines for social inclusion in urban regeneration through outreach methods in the early stages of urban development, so as to integrate citizens in urban regeneration;
  • Set out research methods for decision makers, local authorities to monitor the impact of urban development, react against possible social exclusion and act positively to integrate the community in urban regeneration;
  • Provide tools and methods to increase empowerment in the community through education and cultural understanding;
  • Stimulate better practice with the private sector involved in urban renewal; and
  • Adopt methods on how to attract the private sector into areas needing urban regeneration by developing and building on public/private partnership schemes.

5 Partner Cities participated in the S.U.R.C.H. Programme namely: 

Valletta, Malta (Lead Partner);
Athens, Greece;
Cork, Ireland;
Kaunas, Lithuania; and
Nicosia, Cyprus. 

A two day seminar was held in Cork in October 2006 at which the participating cities presented their cases on the theme of ‘Forms of collaboration between the public and private sectors required to engender socially inclusive development.’ The seminar included a tour of Cork City Centre and Docklands with visits to the Vision Centre, the National Sculpture Factory, McCarthy Developments, Centre Park Road and Blackrock Castle. Thanks to all who facilitated this tour which allowed the participating cities to experience Docklands and specifically the role of arts and culture in engendering sustainable urban renewal.

Partner City Representatives at the SURCH Cork Conference: from left: Eleni Petropoulou Nicosia, Cyprus, Kristina Navickaite Kaunas, Lithuania, Jovita Tirviene Kaunas, Lithuania, Dr. Paul Borg Olivier, Mayor of Valletta, Mr. Michael O' Connell, Deputy Lord Mayor Cork City Council, Paulius Kulikauskas, Thematic Expert, SURCH Project, Pat Ledwidge, Cork Director of Services - Docklands, Cork City Council, Mr. Alexandros Tsiatsiamis Athens, Greece, Maria Minguella, Community and Enterprise, Cork City Council, Adelle Bucella, URBACT Projects Manager, Evelyn Mitchell, Docklands Directorate, Cork City Council, Dr. Nadia Theuma, Valletta, Malta Jose’ Abela Valletta , Malta and Charis Theocharous Nicosia, Cyprus.

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