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Moving the Angel

This large baptism font in the shape of an angel holding a shell was given to the Cork Public Museum in 1992.  It was originally from St. Anne’s Church in Shandon.  At the time the museum did not have enough space to exhibit the statue so it went into storage.  Now that the new extension to the museum has been built there is space to finally put the angel on show to the public.  Liam Lombard and Donal McGrath from Cork City Council’s Recreation, Amenity and Culture Department organised the move.  A special plinth was built for the angel to rest on.  These photographs show the angel being moved into the museum, they were taken by Mr. Owen Killeen.  Inscribed on the angel are the words “This baptistery and font were erected to the glory of God and in loving memory of Mary Hannah Bennett widow of Joseph Bennett.  Died 4th July 1899.”  Also inscribed on the side of the angels base is ‘Andrew Donaldson Rome 1902.’ 

Baptism Font

Angel Baptism Font 2

Angel Baptism Font to Museum

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