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Exhibitions at Cork Public Museum 2005

The Magic of Masks and Puppets

O’Kelly Gallery, Cork Public Museum

9 February – 20 April 2005

Puppetry is the original form of theatre, and puppets and masks can be seen as the synthesis of all art, combining visual art, design, craft and drama. Puppetry is also a living, breathing art form which plays a major role in modern theatre and particularly in television.

Masks and Puppets 1

Scottish Mask and Puppet Centre, Scotlands primary venue, gallery, training centre and resource in its field has compiled a touring exhibition of masks and puppets. This exhibition chronicled the history of the world’s oldest theatrical tradition and also displays its contemporary relevance.

Masks and Puppets 3

This display included puppets from every era and culture, including shadow puppets from Greece, Turkey and Indonesia, Wayang Golek rod puppets from Java, Rajasthani marionettes, giant ‘Russian doll’ figures from the Rostov State Puppet theatre. The exhibition was brought right up to date by the inclusion of puppets from television and film including the infamous crawling baby animatronic puppet from the hit film Trainspotting.

Masks and Puppets 2: Stella Cherry, Cura

Stella Cherry, Curator, with Morag the highland cow.

The mask side of the exhibition contained leather masks as worn in Commedia dell’ Arte, Italy’s greatest contribution to the theatre. There were also character masks from Nepal and a set of masks made at the Scottish Mask and Puppet Centre and used in a version of The Monkey King, the Chinese legend popularised by the childrens television series.

Puppets have always had a mystery and a magic. This family exhibition captures that magic and makes it accessible to people of all ages and backgrounds.

Puppet Lecture

Douglas Walsh and Don Humphreys photographed at the Masks and Puppets 'Agents of the Imagination' Exhibition held in Cork Public Museum.

 Puppet Lecture 1

Puppet workshops were held by the Scottish Mask and Puppet Centre in the Cork Public Museum between 18th and 20th of April.

 Puppet Workshop: Stella Cherry, Curator,

Stella Cherry, Curator, photographed at the Puppet Workshop.

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