News » Public Notices 2017

In The Matter of the Public Dance Halls Act, 1935

Public Notice - Derelict Sites Act 1990

Temporary Road Closure - Emmet Place

Assitant Engineer / Executive Building Surveyor

Notice of Commencement Audit

Temporary Road Closure Emmet Place/ Half Moon Street and Notice of Making of Bye-laws Cork City Road Traffic Bye-Laws

Temporary Road Closures

Notice under Section 179 of the Planning & Development Act 2000 as amended.

Temporary Road Closure - Half Moon Street

Jack Lynch Temporary Road Closure & Notice of Consideration of setting a Local Adjustment Factor

Development Contribution Scheme (Draft Amended)

Part 8- Planning and development regulations 2001/Jack Lynch Tunnel-Temporary Maintenance

Curraheen Road Bridge-Temperary Road Closure

Curraheen Road Bridge- Temporary Road Closure, St Patricks Street Northbound -Kilnap

Notice of Rate having been Made

Local Waste Prevention Small Grants Scheme 2017

Notice under Section 179 of the Planning and Development Act 2000

Iona Road-Murmount Road Acquisition Order No 1 of 2013 Notice of the making of the making of a Vesting Order

Cork City Council Vacancies

Temporary Road Closure- Kilnap

Notice of Proposal to make Cork City Road Traffic (Special Speed Limit) Bye Laws 2017

Posts of Analyst Programmer (Grade VI), Technician (Grade I) and (Technician Grade II)

Planning and Development Act 2000, Planning and Development Regulations 2001-Proposed Holding of an Event

Community Development Grants 2017

Notice of Deposit of Rate Books for inspection and of intention to make Rate

Rates Incentive Scheme

Planning & Development Act 2000 Material Contravention of Development Plan