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Funding injection for seven enterprise and job creation projects in the South West

Today, December 11 2017, Chairman of the South West Action Plan for Jobs Implementation Committee, Mr. Bob Savage warmly welcomed the  Enterprise Ireland Regional Enterprise Development Fund results (Call 1).

According to Mr. Savage, “we are delighted to see seven strategic projects receive funding in the South West region, out of a total of 21 projects nationally. These projects, both at an individual and collective level, will have a significant positive impact on job creation and enterprise development in the region. The successful projects include:

  • RDI Hub Company Limited by Guarantee (CLG),
  • AgriTech Centre of Excellence CLG,
  • Cork Urban Enterprises CLG,
  • Sneem Innovation and Technology Services CLG T/A Sneem Digital Hub,
  • IT@Cork 
  • KerrySciTech

“I would also like to particularly acknowledge the relentless efforts by all applicants who took part in the first call of the Regional Enterprise Development Fund. The regional collaborations and partnerships which were formed and strengthened throughout the competitive bid process are to be applauded and have the potential to be further built upon to harness sustained regional economic growth," he said.

Since the introduction of the South West Action Plan For Jobs 2015 – 2017 as a key policy instrument to drive job creation and enterprise development, there has been an exceptionally strong economic performance by the region. 

With a vision of an additional 40,000 jobs in the region by 2020 embodied within the plan, the South West has witnessed an additional 26,900 people in employment over the period Q1 2015 - Q2 2017 according to the CSO.

This has resulted in the South West  having the lowest regional unemployment rate in the country at 4.8% and the fastest rate of jobs growth per 10,000 of the population of all regions in the country and the State as a whole.



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