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Cork City Council extends Choice Based Lettings Scheme to include suitable properties from Approved Housing Bodies


Cork City Council has extended its Choice Based Letting (CBL) Scheme to include properties available for letting from Approved Housing Bodies (AHB). 

A new facility on the website will outline to the prospective tenant who the property manager is and a link to the relevant AHB website is also available. 

CBL is the main way that Cork City Council allocates its social housing properties. Cork City Council reminds applicants that they need to log into every week to see what properties are available to let and to express their interest online.

The number of properties advertised varies from week to week. Some weeks, there may not be any properties advertised and the following week there may be a number of properties.


1) What is Choice Based Letting (CBL)?

 Choice Based Letting is a web-based facility where social housing tenants can express  interest in renting a suitable property in their preferred area.  A ‘suitable’ property is one that matches the tenant’s housing needs eg the number of the people to be housed.

2) What are Approved Housing Bodies?

Approved Housing Bodies (also called housing associations or voluntary housing associations) are independent, not-for-profit organisations. AHBs provide housing in response to a range of different needs including families on low incomes, households with special needs, such as older persons, people with disabilities and homeless persons.  AHBs work in partnership with local authorities.  Approved Housing Bodies also include housing co-operatives, which are housing organisations controlled by their members/tenants who actively participate in setting their policies and making decisions.

Examples of AHBs are An Tuath, Co-operative Housing, Cluid and Respond.

3) What Cork City Council properties are currently available using CBL?

 A range of Cork City Council residential properties are available. Most properties are advertised on CBL but not every property eg wheelchair accessible properties or properties required for particular circumstances eg units for the elderly are not included.

4) What happens if several people are interested in letting the same property?

 If there is more than one household interested in letting the property, Cork City Council will decide which household is allocated the property taking into account factors such as:

  • waiting time on Cork City Council’s waiting list
  • Your family size
  • The type of property needed
  • Your category under the Allocation Scheme and
  • Good Estate Management

5) If I am interested in a CBL property, what do I do?

You must place an expression of interest on the CBL website.  Please note that Cork City Council only contacts the successful applicant and calls them in for an interview. If successful at interview, garda checks and estate management clearance follow. Only then is a formal offer made. If you refuse a property offered to you under CBL, you will be deferred from the housing list for a year.

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