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Cork City Council Agrees to a Mediation Process in Boundary Extension Process

Chief Executive of Cork City Council, Ann Doherty, has written to her counterpart in Cork County Council, Mr. Tim Lucey, agreeing that mediation under the aegis of the Implementation Oversight Group ( IOG) has the potential to progress the final line of the proposed Cork City boundary extension.

In her letter, Ms. Ann Doherty agreed that a “call for some form of mediation has merit” and welcomed “the Minister’s acknowledgement that the IOG ‘is well positioned to perform any required mediation’”.  Her letter acknowledges “that both councils are so widely at variance in relation to the scale of the extension that it requires matters to be brought to a head.”

The Minister for Housing, Planning and Local Government, Eoghan Murphy TD had earlier urged both local authorities to “work with the Oversight group with a view to reaching agreed proposals as a matter of urgency”.

On Monday last, at an internal meeting between Elected Members and the Executive it was agreed that a proposal for bilateral talks between both CEs would be inconsistent with the expressed wishes of Minister Murphy and the earlier unanimous decisions of Cork City Council that the determination of the boundary line should be progressed through the process put in place by the Minister in July.





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