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Lifelong Learning Festival


Cork is honoured to host the 3rd UNESCO International Conference on Learning Cities from 18 to 20 September next. More than 600 delegates from all over the world will arrive in Cork on Sunday September 17.

Securing the conference was a competitive process, and key factors in Cork's winning bid was its long-standing record in developing education within the wider community and the success of our annual Lifelong Learning Festival.

On Wednesday September 20 we are showcasing the Cork Lifelong Learning Festival so that visiting delegates can experience it.

In this one day version of the annual festival there are over 70 different events to choose from, taking place in a variety of venues across the city, catering for all ages, interests and abilities, and all free as they always are.

The festival motto is Investigate, Participate, Celebrate! and it’s hoped that people around Cork City will come along and join visitors from overseas, as they do that – find out what learning opportunities are offered in Cork, take part in them, and celebrate the fun that is learning, whatever your age.

The programme for the Showcase of the Cork Lifelong Learning Festival on Wednesday September 20 is available online – here – and the printed version is widely available – pick your copy up from your local library or from City Hall.

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Lifelong Learning Festival‌‌


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