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Building Facade Improvement Grant Schemes 2017- Blackpool & South Douglas Street Area

The 2017 Building Facade Improvement Grant Scheme (formerly known as the Painting Grant Scheme) is coming to a close at the end of September. Cork City Council’s Planning Policy team has awarded 30 grants in the Douglas Street Area and Blackpool Village to the value of €30,000.

The aim of the scheme is to encourage investment in and improve the character and appearance of these historic areas of the city as part of a wider regeneration programme, and to help instil pride and confidence in these neighbourhoods. This City Council initiative forms part of a suite of regeneration programmes that includes the Built Heritage Investment Scheme and the Living City Initiative which is aimed at increasing the numbers living in the city centre.

The grant scheme is open to residential and commercial property owners. Applicants are awarded 50% of the costs of qualifying improvement works, (i.e. painting, joinery and minor external repairs to plaster, render, gutters, downpipes), up to the maximum value of €1,250 per building or €2,500 per street corner building.

More than 130 buildings have now benefitted from the scheme in the last three years.
For further information contact:
Thomas Watt
Senior Executive Planner
Planning Policy Section
Strategic Planning & Economic Development
City Hall


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