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Cork 2050 - A Joint Cork County Council and Cork City Council Submission to the National Planning Framework

The Lord Mayor, Cllr Tony  Fitzgerald and Cork County Mayor, Declan Hurley  hosted a briefing on Cork 2050 for Cork TDs, Senators and  Ireland South MEPs on Monday July 31st.

The briefing centred on discussions relating to the main policy objectives and principles informing Cork 2050 and the National Planning Framework process.

The Mayor and Lord Mayor issued the following joint press statement:

Cork 2050 sets out to present an evidence-based case for national level strategic policy support for the designation of Metropolitan Cork as the complementary location to Dublin as an international driver of growth and the location best positioned to drive growth in the Southern region through collaborative leadership.  The unique capacity of Metropolitan Cork, a plan-led integrated economy and property market with a strong and vibrant Cork City at its heart, to drive escalated rates of economic and population growth to an international scale of over 500,000 persons is central to the Cork proposition, however Cork 2050 also recognises the capacity and strategic importance of all the County, including rural communities.

Prepared on a ‘whole of Cork’ basis following extensive consultation, we believe Cork 2050 offers a means of maximising opportunities and of responding to the challenges Ireland will face over the coming decades and which are currently being considered under the Ireland 2040 initiative.

Cork is uniquely positioned with the capacity to deliver effective regional development that will endure over the longer term - Cork 2050 offers a plan-led approach to create the circumstances to deliver an additional 120,000 new jobs and approx 60% population growth to 850,000 and is a roadmap for sustainable growth across all of Cork.  In this context we would suggest the Cork proposition merits a long-term commitment from Government to:

  • National level policy support for the designation of Cork as the complementary location to Dublin and primary driver of growth in the southern region and
  • The alignment of enabling policy initiatives and investment priorities to ensure Cork delivers on its unique capacity to drive growth on behalf of the State and region that will be sustainable over the longer term.



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