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Burst water mains in Cork city

Due to the bursting of a major distribution pipe  at the Lee Water Works , the following areas of Cork City will bewithout water today.Up to 40,000 residents and businesses will be affected.

City Centre Areas

Douglas Road

South Douglas Road

Boreenmanna Road

Blackrock Road

Ballinlough Road

Barrack St, Bandon Road

Sunday’s Well

Leitrim Street

Gerald Griffin St

Great William O’Brien St

MacCurtain St

Lower Glanmire Road and Surrounding Areas

Every effort will be made to keep the interruption to a minimum.

Engineers are assessing the situation and Irish Water, the HSE and larger commercial water users have been informed.

Some discolouration to the water supply may occur when the water supply is restored.

This discolouration is harmless and will clear in a short time.

Please check the clarity of the water at the kitchen tap before operating drink vending machines, washing machines, dishwashers etc.

Please help us by informing your neighbours who may not hear this notice. The bursting of this pipe has caused localised flooding around the Lee Road Waterworks and city council engineers are attempting to remove this water.

Cork City Council, acting as agents for Irish Water, regrets any inconvenience caused to consumers as a result of this work.

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