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Cork City Council to showcase its use of smart technology as its hosts the European GrowSmarter Official Gathering

Up to 100 delegates from 10 cities across Europe will be shown ‘smart initiatives and innovations’ devised by Cork City Council in the areas of energy, infrastructure and transport at a three day conference in Cork City this week.

Cork City Council has been selected to host the GrowSmarter General Assembly and Official Gathering from Wednesday May 31 to June 1 at various venues across the city.

The guests will view deep energy retrofits of local authority housing at Ard Bhaile in Mayfield in Cork city where attic insulation, cavity wall insulation and fuel stoves have been installed. They will also visit the former municipal dump at Tramore Road in Cork city where three million units of energy per year is being fed into the electricity grid from the harvesting of methane gas. The visitors will also learn how electric charging points in the city centre and the use of electric bikes and electric vehicles, including an electric First Responder vehicle,  has benefitted the local authority’s transport fleet.

Cork Smart Gateway Programme Manager, Claire Davis  said: “Over three days we will showcase  technology driven solutions that have been implemented in real life scenarios in Cork and we will also progress the wider activities of the GrowSmarter Project.

Our participation in the GrowSmarter project has helped to advance our knowledge about smart solutions in a number of core council areas - from smart street lighting and better urban mobility to energy efficiency.

 In Cork, we are trying to move towards a smarter city where innovation and ICT play a key role in enabling sustainable economic development. By embedding smart solutions in our local authority activities we will benefit citizens and improve their quality of life”.  

GrowSmarter is an EU funded Horizon 2020 Project bringing cities, academia, research and industry together to demonstrate ‘12 Smart City Solutions’ in areas such as urban mobility and communication technology.

This project provides insights into how these smart solutions work in practice and identifies opportunities to learn from past experience. Cork is one of five ‘follower ‘cities including Graz, Porto, Suceava in Romania and Valetta in Malta who are committed to replicating some of the measures demonstrated by the three lead or ‘lighthouse’ cities of Barcelona, Cologne and Stockholm. The Mayor of Suceava will be in Cork for this week’s conference. The follower cities are committed to providing a market for these ‘smart solutions’ in their local areas.

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