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The Cork Foyer Expands its Service

A new and majorly exciting Cork City Council Housing and Community initiative will accept its first students in June 2017. Managed by the Cork Foyer Project, Bishopsgrove Supported Student Accommodation will act as a sister Project to the Cork Foyer, allowing young homeless people who have progressed really well in a homeless service to escape the cycle homelessness through 3rd level education, whilst preventing others already in 3rd level education or their final year at school from entering a homeless shelter in the first place.            


Bishopsgrove comprises of 39 modern and secure purpose built student accommodation units close to the Cork Institute of Technology. The collaborative project between the Cork Foyer, TUSLA and Focus Ireland is the first model of its kind in Ireland, and will undoubtedly help to reduce homelessness and housing instability among young people and those leaving care.

The initiative will provide a perfect window of opportunity to escape the cycle of homelessness, whilst promoting the benefits of shared living and near independence. Every student will have access to a Key/Social Worker to support them from the day they move in through to their successful resettlement during or after their studies.      

Establishing a Project like Bishopsgrove from scratch and in a short timescale needs a huge amount of dedication, hard work, support and undeterred vision. With the wisdom and foresight of Senior Housing Management Team and capital funding secured by Bryan Geaney (Programme Manager), Barry Waddingham (Foyer Manager) was able to start piecing together the Project. Being able to fall back on a range of professionals representing different departments within Cork City Council made the whole process surprisingly smooth and is a credit to the individuals involved.

 We now look forward to seeing the final impact of the Project and the young lives it will undoubtedly transform. 


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