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Commercial Rates Payment Incentive Scheme

If your annual rate bill is €4,000 or less, please read on!                        

Commercial Rates Payment Incentive Scheme

Cork City Council is introducing a commercial rates payment incentive scheme whereby a grant will be available to all compliant ratepayers when certain criteria are met.  The scheme is designed to assist small and medium enterprises (SME’s), who represent more than half of all ratepayers, by reducing the overall amount of rates payable.

The incentive will be provided by way of a grant of 3% of the 2017 annual rate bill/charge (up to a maximum annual bill of €4,000). The rate accounts which meet the qualifying criteria will have the grant automatically applied as a credit to their account in 2018. There will not be an application process involved.

Incentive Details:

The grant available will be 3% of the annual rate bill, up to a maximum annual bill of €4,000.  No grant will be available to ratepayers with an annual bill in excess of €4,000.  In order to qualify for the grant, Ratepayers must have their 2017 account paid in full by November 30th 2017.  Ratepayers who pay their rate account on a payment plan within the current year will also qualify for the grant.For ratepayers who are in arrears, the account must be cleared in full or a minimum amount equivalent to one year’s arrears must be paid together with the current year’s rate liability in order to qualify for the grant.


The incentive will apply to ratepayers in Cork City whose annual commercial rate bill is less than or equal to €4,000. The incentive will only apply to ratepayers who pay a minimum of the full annual rate bill on the property.The incentive will not apply in the case of vacant property which may qualify for a vacancy allowance. As the incentive is aimed at the small and medium enterprises sector, certain types of valuation categories which are not trading entities may be excluded from the scheme.

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