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Upgrade to Ard Bhaile & Glennamoy Lawn Housing Accommodation Complex (Energy Efficiency Improvement Project)

A major upgrade in terms of insulation and heating is to be carried out at the Ard Bhaile and Glennamoy Lawn housing complex. Each of the 266 units in the complex will receive a new heating system with individual room controls. 

The insulation works to be carried out will involve:

A. installation of ceiling insulation where required on the upper floor apartments

B. installation of attic insulation in the infill houses

C. installation of cavity wall insulation in all units

D. insulation of hot water cylinder. 

The heating system will be an air to air heat pump system. These systems, whilst more expensive to install are much more efficient and cheaper to run than traditional heating systems.

Further information on this project is available below:



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