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Skehard Road

In 2014 Cork City Council commissioned a transportation assessment for the South East of the City. The assessment, titled: “Cork South East Strategic Transport Corridors” identified deficiencies along the current road network and suggested a package of infrastructural projects aimed at addressing these deficiencies.  Each project was evaluated using a number of criteria and a priority list for investment was established.

The “Skehard Road Phase 3, Church Road to CSO/Mahon Link Road Project” was identified as a key project in the promotion of sustainable transportation. The project will provide significantly improved facilities for bus users, cyclists, pedestrians and motorist along Skehard Rd. It also forms part of the overall plans to address congestion for the surrounding area. 

To achieve these aims it will be necessary to make the following modifications to the existing road layout:-

  •          Skehard Road will be widened from & including the Church Road Junction up to & including the CSO/Mahon Link Road Junction
  •          An outbound bus lane will be introduced on Skehard Road between the Church Road Junction and the CSO/Mahon Link Road Junction
  •          An inbound cycle lane will be introduced on Skehard Rd.
  •          All Entrances to housing estates will be realigned & radii tightened to slow traffic.
  •          Pedestrian friendly table-top ramps will be introduced on the entrances to all side roads
  •          The Junction of Church Road will be upgraded and realigned to improve Vehicular flow.
  •          The Junction at the CSO & Mahon Link Rd will be Upgraded and realigned to improve Vehicular flow.
  •          All Traffic signals will be upgraded along route.
  •          All bus stops will be upgraded along the route plus real time passenger information displays installed.
  •          Footpaths will be realigned repaved and widened where necessary.
  •          Carriageways will repaved and relined where necessary.
  •          Additional Public Lighting will be installed where necessary.
  •          CCTV will be installed.
  •          Soft and hard landscaping will be provided
  •          Water mains and other utility services will be provided. 

The measures outlined above will greatly improve the flow of all modes of traffic along Skehard Road. The project will take approximately 9 months to construct with an anticipated start date during the second half of 2017.

Cork City Council will work closely with affected parties to ensure the safe and efficient movement of pedestrians, cyclists and vehicles during the construction phase.


Further information is available below.


Proposed Land Acquisition

EIS Screening

Planning Proposed Layout Skehard Road Phase 3‌‌


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