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Corporate Plan 2015 to 2019

Cork City Council is pleased to present its Corporate Plan for the period 2015 to 2019.  The plan was adopted by the Elected Members of Cork City Council at their meeting held on the 22nd of June 2015.

This Plan reflects recent legislative changes which have introduced significant new functions and structures to Cork City Council including the Local Community Development Committee, the Public Participation Network, the Local Economic and Community Plan and the creation of the Local Enterprise Offices to name a few.  The 2015-2019 Corporate Plan is focused on, and provides a strategic framework for, managing the operations of the City Council and also details how we will lead and facilitate the further growth of the city’s economy while conducting our business in an inclusive manner and ensuring that communities continue to develop and prosper in the city.

Alongside the annual budgetary process, this Plan provides the framework for Cork City Council to continue to drive the success of the city into the future.  The main challenge over the coming years will be to ensure that the objectives and strategy targets set out in the Plan are achieved and have a meaningful impact.

The Corporate Plan sets out the City Council’s Vision, Mission Statement and Core Organisational Values.  The core of the plan is the following five high-level Goals, each supported by a series of Objectives and Strategies which will make possible the achievement of the Goals. 

Goal 1 - Enabled Communities

Goal 2 - Create a thriving City Economy

Goal 3 - City Identity, Culture and Heritage

Goal 4 - Quality Urban Environment

Goal 5 - Corporate Development

The Corporate Plan is structured so as to bring a focus to Cork City Council’s core purpose, the development of Cork’s communities, economy, identity, environment and the Council itself. 

Ann Doherty,
Chief Executive




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