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René Böll Exhibition


“Cilliní on Achill Island and the Currane”

At Cork City Hall 02 – 24 April 2015

 This April, the Sister City Association in both Cork and Cologne and curator Tina Darb are pleased to present:

“The Cillíní of Achill Island and Currane”

an exhibition of paintings and photographs by René Böll. 

René Böll spent many childhood summers on Achill Island. For several years Böll has engaged with these abandoned Cillíní through photographs, writings and oil paintings capturing the essence of the graveyards. In his work he endeavors to provide a memorial to the children and to those buried anonymously and to reinstate them in people’s memories.

Much about the history of the cilliní lies in the dark; there are indications that their origins go back to pagan times. Most of the cilliní that are known today probably date back to the time of the Counter-Reformation, and they were still in use in some places, such as Achill Island, at the beginning of the 1960s. The cilliní are found in many places on the island that already served as memorial sites in the past – visible through their stony traces, but evading recognition by those who do not know what these loosely scattered stone signs refer to.

The artist René Böll was born in 1948 in Cologne, Germany. He is the son of Heinrich Böll, winner of the Nobel Prize for Literature. For many years René studied painting and printed graphic work. In subsequent years he realised not only his preference for ink drawings, but also his talents as a photographer as well as publisher and translator of Spanish texts.  Since 1988 René Böll been represented in exhibitions all over the world.  He was the first German painter to have more than 100 works exhibited in China.  His current exhibition “Cillíní on Achill Island and Currane” opened in Bonn (Germany) in 2014 and will tour to Achill Island for the 12th annual ‘Heinrich Böll  Memorial Weekend’ taking place 1st – 3rd May 2015.


Exhibition Duration:

April 02nd to April 24th
The Atrium
City Hall

Opening time:9:00 am to 5:00 pm
Weekdays excluding public holidays

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