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Coca-Cola Zero® Bikes launches its Website

Coca-Cola Zero® Bikes launches its website for the regional bike-share scheme in Galway, Limerick and Cork. The pre-registration phase of the bike schemes has now commenced. 

The website is now up and running. A discounted rate of €5 for an annual subscription to a city is available until year end.

As part of the pre-registration phase we have fixed the opening dates to take account of the delivery of bikes for three schemes.  

The three final opening dates are now: 

Galway – Monday 24th November 2014

Limerick – Monday 8th December 2014 and

Cork – Thursday 18th December 2014

Customers are encouraged to sign up and become regular users.  The scheme brings many advantages to the cities and to users alike.

Happy and Safe Cycling. Click here to Signup


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