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Firefighter Alex O'Shea breaks the Guinness World Record at the Cork City Marathon.

Accompanied by more than 7,500 marathon runners, young and old, professional and amateur, Alex O’Shea finished the marathon in a time of 3 hours, 41 minutes and 10 seconds, shaving 58 minutes off the current Guinness World Record set at the London Marathon earlier this year.

alex o shea Sons Leon and Noah O'Shea pass the finish line with their dad Alex O’Shea as he sets a new Guinness World Record

The record is for running 26.2 miles in full firefighting attire, including steel-toed reinforced firefighting boots, fire-retardant pants and jacket and a three pound helmet and visor.

Alex was running to raise funds for his charities, the Irish Guide Dogs for the Blind and his local Ballineen Enniskeane District Association Playground Development Fund (BEDA).

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