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Cork County Council and Cork City Council have prepared a draft 2013-2018 Noise Action Plan (NAP) as required by the Environmental Noise Regulations 2006, for the area known as the Cork Agglomeration. This area, which includes Cork City (21% of area) and surrounding area of County Cork, is equivalent to the restricted area of Cork as defined in the Air pollution Act 1987 (Marketing, Sale and Distribution of Fuels) Regulations 1998.

The 2013-2018 NAP will act as a means of managing environmental noise, and to meet the aim of the Regulations of preventing, and reducing where necessary, environmental noise through the adoption of the NAP.

One of the key inputs into the draft 2013-2018 NAP was the development of strategic noise maps. Noise maps identify and prioritise cluster areas which will require further assessment and may require mitigation measures to be put in place. Roads are the dominant noise source within the Cork Agglomeration. Analysis of the roads statistics for the agglomeration indicate that 5% of the population in the Cork Agglomeration area are being exposed to noise levels above the proposed onset level for assessment of noise mitigation measures of 70dB Lden, where Lden  is the day-evening-night composite noise indicator adopted by the EU for the purposes of assessing overall annoyance.

The NAP proposes that the Noise Action Planning Authorities of Cork County Council and Cork City Council will investigate the high priority areas and where appropriate, implement noise reducing mitigation measures, subject to funding being available. Preservation of low noise levels in areas will be facilitated through a combination of policy and planning in a sustainable manner.

The Noise Regulations require a public consultation process to be carried out and accordingly a Public Notice for the draft 2013-2018 Noise Action Plan was advertised in The Irish Examiner on Friday 17th May 2013.  The documents are available for inspection in the Public Foyer, City Hall and through the following link

Comments will be invited for an eight week period, up to 12th July 2013. The final 2013-2018 NAP will be submitted to the EPA on 18th July 2013.




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