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Cork City Council announces re-organisation of Senior Management Team

On Tuesday February 7th Cork City Manager, Tim Lucey, announced a restructuring of the Council’s Management Team and Directorates taking into account recent and impending retirements of senior staff of the organisation.

The organisation restructuring is a consequence of:

·         The retirement in 2011 of Mr. Stephen Kearney, Director of Services, Housing and Community

·         The planned retirement at the end of February of the following:

              o     Mr. Ger O’Halloran, Personnel Officer

              o   Mr. Kevin Terry, Director of Service and City Engineer

The aforementioned three personnel were all long standing senior members of the Council’s Management Team. The current moratorium on recruitment prevents these senior management positions being filled. Therefore, the existing structure of 11 Directorates will be reduced to 8 as set out below.

The non-filling of these posts sees a 27% reduction in Senior Management staff in the Council and retirements overall by the end of February bring the total staff numbers down to just over 1,300 -  a reduction of 219 or 14% of staff numbers since early 2009.

The re-organisation sees the incorporation of three Directorate functions into the remaining 8 broadly as follows:

  1. The Community & Enterprise Directorate will be divided between the Housing and Community Directorate and the Corporate Affairs Directorate.
  2. Docklands and Economic Development Directorate will be amalgamated with the current Planning Directorate into a new Directorate of Strategic Planning & Economic Development.
  3. The functions of the Recreation , Amenity and Emergency Services Directorate will be re-assigned across the Environment, Corporate Affairs and Human Resources Directorate. 

In addition to the above,  a newly constituted Directorate of Human Resources and Organisational Reform will see the establishment of a specific section to continue to lead the reforms envisaged by the Local Government Efficiency Review Group, the Croke Park Agreement and the Public Sector Reform Programme of the Department of Public Expenditure and Reform. 

As the re-organisation primarily comprises the re-assignment of complete sections en-bloc, the City Manager indicated that he also expected that there will be no adverse impact to on the ground service delivery during the transition period.

The City Manager stated:

“The changes, which must be made, will involve the continuation of the extra effort that staff are making at all levels to ensure continuity of the excellent services we provide to the City, its citizens and our various customers. I am confident that with the goodwill and active co-operation shown by everyone involved to date, in dealing with the significant challenges presented, that we will continue to show that the Local Government sector is the leader in managing ongoing change”.

In terms of managing the transition to the new structure, the new Directorate heads will commence their new assignments from the 1st March 2012. All other consequential changes will be completed by the end of March 2012.

The following is the new Directorate structure and Director/ACM assignments indicating primary deliverables of that directorate/department:

·         Mr. Gerry O’Beirne Director of Services will take over the Roads and Transportation Directorate with responsibility for city transport management and the delivery of major strategic transport infrastructure such as the N25 Flyovers at Sarsfield Road and Bandon Road.

·         Mr. Dan Buggy, Assistant City Manager will take over the Housing and Community Directorate with responsibility for the delivery of the €100M Regeneration Plans for Corks North West, other major housing infrastructure projects and Councils Housing operations which are second only to Dublin City in the country.

·         Mr. Jim O’Donovan, Director of Services will take responsibility for the Council’s Environment and Recreation Services which include the proposals for the construction of a new Lee Road Water Production Plant, progressing of the City Flood Defences by the OPW and relationships with the newly proposed Irish Water. 

·         Mr. Pat Ledwidge will take over the role of Director of Strategic Planning and Economic Development which will include progression of the Economic Proposition Report commissioned for Cork Docklands, City Development Plan implementation and progressing the Councils role in facilitating the growth of the city economy.

·         Ms. Valerie O’Sullivan will take responsibility for the Directorate of Corporate and External Affairs with responsibility for areas such as TEAM in growing the city Tourism economy, the city Arts and Culture and the City Development Board and Joint Policing Committee in conjunction with An Garda Siochana.

·         Mr. Tim Healy will continue as the Council’s Head of Finance overseeing the Council’s annual operational and capital spending programmes of over €200m and will continue to lead efficiencies in procurement both locally and at a regional level in conjunction with other authorities.

·         Ms. Ruth Buckley will remain as the Councils Head of ICT and Business Services leading the move to enhanced eGovernment services, Business Process Improvements and ICT Shared services with other authorities. 

-         Mr. Denis O’Mahony will head up the Directorate of Human Resource Management and Organisational Reform with responsibility for leading the ongoing reform agenda as envisaged by the Local Government Efficiency Review Group, the Croke Park Agreement and the Public Sector Reform Programme of the Department of Public Expenditure and Reform

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