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Cork City Council invites applications for Economic Proposition Report on Cork Docklands

Cork City Council has advertised for  a multi-disciplinary consultancy team to prepare an economic proposition report for the Cork Docklands.  The expertise involved will be led by Global Business, economic and financial consultants and will include Marketing & Branding, Planning, Urban Design, Engineering and Property expertise.

The purpose of this project is to deliver a report to Cork City Council on the long-term positioning of Cork Docklands as a “Location for Global Economic Investment”.

Key outputs will be:

1. A thorough economic assessment which will include the identification of the key employment sectors and functions from existing and emerging markets (indigenous and foreign).

2. Development of a branding and marketing strategy for the promotion of Docklands nationally and internationally as an investment location.

3.Consideration of key funding and financial issues associated with the rollout of the Docklands regeneration Project.

4.A phased implementation strategy for an initial 5-10 year period and also for the long-term development of Docklands.

This report will build on the previous Economic Study 2007 and give an up to date recommendations on developing Cork Docklands an international location for business and economic investment.

Pat Ledwidge, Director of Services, Docklands, Cork City Council says

“While we are experiencing poor economic conditions at present, Cork must be ready when the economy improves in the next few years.  Cork Docklands is a significant asset to the city and nationally and will be a key contributor to the growth of Cork in the years to come in terms of facilitating business and economic growth for the city and the region and also providing for residential population. This report will be a key element of delivering a strategy to increase existing and bring new global business to Cork.”

This study is being co-funded by Cork City Council and the Department of the Environment, Community and Local Government.

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